September: Home of Carolyn Grissom
1. Nancy Leonard
                                         2. Tricia Evans

                        October: Fort King Tour 4 p.m.
1. Donna Paget
                                         2. Kathy Bruce

                        November: Home of Linda Reimer

                                         1. Nancy Leonard
                                         2. Nancy Livesay
                                         3. Mary Lou Van Note

                        December: Home of Tricia Evans

                                         1. Midge Barrett
                                         2. Flash Arnold

              2019     January: Home of Pam Norfleet
1. Jacqua Ballas
                                         2. Gayle Gossett

                        February: Corkscrew Wine Tasting

                                           1. Marlene Bjork
                                        2. Linda Reimer     

                        March: Home of Donna Paget
1. Wendy Staley
                                        2. Sheri Sanders

                        April: CCF Vintage Farm Tour

                                         1. Paula Ryan
                                         2. Kathy Bruce

                        May: Home of Paula Ryan
        End of year dinner, Awards, Installation of Officers
1.Carolyn Grissom
                                         2. Linda Steer


          Pioneer Garden Club Officers 2018 - 2019
                     Daffodils usually meet first Wed of the month
                                                    6 p.m.

                        President: Ruth Dexheimer

                        Vice President: Mary Lou Van Note

                         Program assistance: Paula Ryan and Linda Steer

                         Treasurer: Kathy Bruce
                                 ​Secretary: Midge Barnett

Committee Chairwomen

                        Awards: Gloria Arnold, Midge Barrett, Gayle Gossett

                        Civic Beautification: Jacqua Ballas, Nancy Livesay

                        Communication: Jean Conrad

                        Fairy Tale Festival: Kathy Bruce, Ruth Dexheimer
                                Fun with Flowers: Nancy Leonard

                        Seasonal Events: Nancy Livesay, Linda Reimer

                             (Silver Springs and SpringsFest)

                        Horticulture: Holly Yocum
(Birds, butterflies, trees, wildflowers)
                        Garden Therapy: Wendy Staley, Marlene Bjork
                        Historian: Donna Paget

                        Publicity/Scholarship: Tricia Evans

                        Ways and Means: Pam Norfleet, Mary Lou Van Note


Daffodil Circle

Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala

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Programs 2018-2019

                        September:  Committee reports, inserts, choose
                                              secret birthday partners, Reconnect
                                              after summer break

                        October: Tour of Fork King historical site and native plants

                        November: Fun with Flowers

                        December: Christmas for Daffodils
              2019     January: Make & Take - Living wreaths

                        February: The Cork Screw - Wine Tasting $5 ea 
                                                        Program TBA

                        March: Cooking with Herbs
                                    Establish Nominating committee

Tour of CCF Vintage Farm 4 p.m.
                                  Nominating committee report

                        May: End of year events
Officer installations, Awards, Dinner, Celebration  

Come join gardners who want to learn more about horticulture, pollinators, civic beauty, improve Silver Springs State Park, Historic Tuscawilla park, and disperse knowledge of plants to the Ocala community. Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala is the place to find the beauty in our surroundings and lifelong friends.