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Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala

Pioneer's Garden at the Art Park, is located at the north-west section of the 45 acre Tuscawilla Park. Pioneer Garden Club in May of 2013 at the Membership Meeting voted to participate with the City of Ocala efforts to continue the revitalization of the historic Tuscawilla District by providing a place for artist to create and display their work in an urban environment. The City broke ground in 2015. Pioneer Garden Club formalized an Agreement with the City of Ocala in July 2015 to establish an alliance that would further the goals:

* Design and construction of the Tuscawilla Art Park

* Maintain and enhance the Tuscawilla Art Park as designed landscape. 

The Art Park designed landscape will bring nature home to the urban residents living in the Historic Tuscawilla area. Visitors from outside the

historic district will benefit from the natural setting while at the park for recreation, relaxation & cultural events. The Pioneer Garden at the Art Park commemorates the pioneering spirit of the early settlers in the area of Florida and the desire for continued civic beautification by the Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala.

Pioneer Installed the Keystone trees for the Pioneer Garden on May 5th, one Blanchard Magnolia and two Drake Elms.     

Tuscawilla Art Park 

New sculpture pieces coming to Tuscawilla Park !

Come join gardners who want to learn more about horticulture, pollinators, civic beauty, improve Silver Springs State Park, Historic Tuscawilla park, and disperse knowledge of plants to the Ocala community. Pioneer Garden Club of Ocala is the place to find the beauty in our surroundings and lifelong friends.